Lotions made by HAND.
Ingredients by NATURE.

At Busia’s Balm,  we create skin, muscle and joint care products for those with allergies and sensitive skin from ingredients only nature could prepare. No irritating fragrances. No paraben. No dangerous preservatives. No way. Each small batch is mixed by hand and packaged by people, not machines. We, at Busia’s Balm, believe in creating wholesome products for our clients and the Earth at a fair price. How can we help you feel better?

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Exactly what you’ve been asking for! 

Who needs a body soap, face wash, shampoo and conditioner when you can have only one product: BB for Men’s Shower Gel? It has a pure, castile soap and it’s fortified with essential oils to naturally heal your skin and keep it infection-free. The best part is the price is JUST $8.99! Order now before we are out of stock.

the stonebriar
VENDOR market

Watch for dates coming soon

Stonebriar Mall
2601 Preston Rd. Frisco, TX 75034

COVID-19 has changed a lot of plans. For us at Busia’s Balm, it’s no different. When this time has passed, we plan to schedule events for the second and fourth weekend of each month, but these days are subject to be changed by Stonebriar Mall.  So check here or on BusiaBalm/FaceBook to verify dates.

We will also post craft show information as shows are scheduled.