Lavender Body Mist comes in a cobalt blue spray bottle.

  1. Moisturizes with a light refreshing mist of witch hazel and therapeutic grade lavender essential oil
  2. This light mist caresses your body making your skin soft and silky
  3. The delicate lavender scent of the essential oil is calming, and the cooling mist is refreshing on your skin
  4. Fragrance-free

Perfect to use after a trip to the gym and after a hectic day of work or errands.

Apply liberally to use as a perfume.



Relaxing  //  Calming  //  Refreshing  // Moisturizing

Our Lavender Body Mist comes in a 4 – ounce, cobalt blue spray bottle.  Great to use after a shower or bath instead of a lotion. Quick to get moisture on your body when you are in a hurry. The natural ingredients in this mist are good for your skin making it soft and silky without a sticky feeling.  

The lavender essential oils and witch hazel will caress your skin with its delicate scent and make your skin feel comfortable and soft. The mist is cooling, and the lavender essential oil is a delicate relaxing scent setting the tone for your day.

This light mist is great to refresh yourself after a long day of work or running errands. Body Mists are convenient to use after a quick shower at the gym.

Tuck a bottle in your purse, backpack and gym bag.

Apply liberally to use as a fragrance-free perfume.

Ingredients: Purified water, witch hazel, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E