This is one of our most popular gift bags. Both men and women golfers alike can benefit from these three (3) products.

All-Natural Bug Repellent, in a two (2) ounce spray bottle, Skin Calming Balm in a mini blue jar and Muscle Relaxing Balm in a mini blue jar.

All products fit in a green, see-thru pouch for easy storage in a golf bag.



Three (3) travel-size, hand-made products to tuck into your golf bag.

Natural Bug Repellent keeps flies and mosquitoes away. This hand-made bug repellent has a witch hazel base. A fine mist will protect you from bugs and insects but won’t be greasy to mess up your grip on the golf club.

Skin Calming Balm is great to relieve sunburn redness, pain and itching of rashes, blisters and eczema.

Muscle Relaxing Balm does just that. Massage a small amount of balm on those tight muscles before you golf to increase your mobility and after you golf when you have worked too hard.

Comes in a green, see-thru pouch so it is easy to carry.