BB for Men Muscle Relaxing Balm and BB for Men Stress Release Lotion.

Both products proven to ease your stress level and muscle tightness and soreness.

Available in two (2) ounce and four (4) ounce kits.

Two (2) ounce kits are travel-size approved.





Keep stress down and energy up!

Apply Stress Release Lotion to the back of your neck and temples throughout the day. The aromatherapy of the lemon and basil essential oils in this lotion helps make you mentally alert while keeping your stress down.

Whether you begin or end your day at the gym, this Muscle Relaxing Balm is great to use on sore or tired muscles. The lavender essential oil works to relax you and tight muscles. The fresh basil in this hand-made balm works to lift your spirits and gives you a positive mental outlook. 

Use it after a workout and at bedtime to help you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

Kits are available in two (2) ounce and four (4) ounce amber containers.

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